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There could be many things at fault that are holding your website back. One thing is for sure, you need to do something about it.

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We want to help by giving you a FREE web marketing consultation with one of our most experienced web strategists. One of our web developers will dive into your site for 1 hour at no cost to you. For 1 hour you can use the web developer for anything pertaining to your website. We may be able to fix some issues or help you identify future areas of improvement.


  • 1 hour with an experience web developer ($200 value)
  • Analysis of your current website
  • Detailed look any issues your current site is experiencing
  • Suggestions/solutions on those issues as time allows
  • Walk-through of your best opportunities
  • Tailored suggestions based on your goals

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About Us

Going back to as early as 1905 the Thomson Family has been in the communication’s industry in St. Louis. Ronald Thomson started the local daily newspaper The Banner News which flourished in St. Charles. He would eventually hand the newspaper over to his son Mark Thomson.

Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics in its current form, began operation in 1980 when Mark and Mike Thomson decided to start a sheet fed printing business.

Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics has grown steadily moving three times as they outgrew the buildings they were in. Thomson also has expanded into the area of advertising & marketing with the addition of Thomson Creative & Graphics. Now at their present location, 601 N. Kingshighway, Thomson Printing serves the greater metro area with quality printing , web development, and design services.

Mike's son John has recently joined the business, bringing Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics into its fourth generation. Expanding the business into website design, e-commerce solutions and web hosting. Opening a second office at Cortex Innovation Community (CIC), which is in the downtown St. Louis bioscience and tech start-up district.

Being family owned brings a personal touch to every job. The owners are involved with every level of the process, bringing deeper attention to detail and personal service.

The commitment of the family extends to each of Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics customers. If you ask someone who has been either coming to us for years or one of our newer customers, they will both tell you they feel the enthusiasm of Thomson's staff and the dedication put into doing the best job possible.